Investment Opportunities

Why should you join me in investing through the Human Longevity and Rejuvenation Syndicate at VivaSparkle?

Rejuvenation requires a multi-faceted investment approach, starting with personal commitment to body transformation, lifestyle changes, and aligning with a community that values rejuvenation.

Support systems, like rejuvenation-focused self-help groups and events like RADFEST, provide encouragement and insights into the latest trends.

A New Perspective

Advocacy efforts are crucial for redirecting resources from "sick care" to genuine health care focused on prevention and vitality.


For those looking at financial ventures, the rejuvenation sector is burgeoning with investment opportunities, from stocks to startups innovating in rejuvenation therapies.

A Better Future

Viva Sparkle's Rejuvenation Syndicate stands out in identifying potential game-changers in this sector. Investing in rejuvenation promises not just financial returns but also a brighter future.

As an entrepreneur, investor, and avid biotech enthusiast,

I’ve always been passionate about investing in startups that focus on groundbreaking technologies enhancing longevity.

I take a meticulous approach,

evaluating companies both from their scientific advancements and their business acumen. My objective? To single out those that have a tangible chance of making it big.

Beyond just their technological potential,

I assess these firms from a standpoint of market viability, optimizing the likelihood that our investments are not only pioneering but also profitable.

Drawing from half a century as a serial entrepreneur,

I bring to the table the wisdom and experience that started in 1968. Over the years, I've founded and led successful companies, giving me a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't. It's not just about investing; it's about creating an opportunity for investors like you to yield significant financial returns. Using my insights, I strive to identify companies that hold immense promise.

Our impact

Start investing in rejuvenation now.

Let’s jointly invest in those companies which not only promise returns but also have the potential to reshape and improve the human lifespan.

Auctus Biologics

Auctus is already in negotiation with some of the major pharmaceutical companies for sale and/or licencing of its technology.

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Our primary focus is the removal of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), initially focusing on damage to the lens in presbyopia while also exploring further opportunities in systemic disease.

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Leucadia Therapeutics

Leucadia Therapeutics’ medical device, Arethusta, restores cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drainage across the cribriform plate to prevent toxic metabolites from accumulating in the brain.

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Longevity Hackers

Longevity Hackers is a documentary in production about interventions that are being used by various people (‘hackers’) to promote their personal longevity.

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